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Henley & District Property Services

Client Overview

Henley & District Property Services have offered specialist window cleaning services for Reading, Henley-on-Thames, and surrounding areas for over 20 years to both residential and commercial customers.


  • Improve load times and overall performance
  • Improve site architecture and navigation for a stronger visitor experience
  • Improve overall user experience to make the site more engaging
  • Drive site conversion of users into contacts and ultimately customers
  • Implement a fully responsive solution using WordPress

The Challenge

Before starting on the new website we took a good look at Henley & District Property Services' current website, checking among other things page loading times, page weight, security, and basic SEO. To say the results weren't exactly overwhelming would be an understatement.

Add to that the use of an overused template - the original design company clearly had a "go to" template when it came to window cleaning websites - and had created lots of underused, low on content pages. It wasn't surprising people weren't contacting them for bookings.

It was clear their poor Search Engine listings were the main victim from this. Checking some of the keyword searches they were supposedly targeting - and had paid a lot of money in the process to do so - showed for the most part that they were lucky to break the top 20 results let alone the top 10!

Dare 2 Express Home Page Mobile
Tree of Memories
Dare 2 Express Home Page Desktop

The Results

We loved working with Henley & District Property Services. Simon gave us the freedom to explore the new website's design and we gave him a fresh redesign to modernise the company's web presence and increase online enquiries.

The strengthened user experience achieves its important goal: making it quick and easy for visitors to find out exactly what they need and make that all important call to Simon and his team.

Utilising our hosting servers and other speed optimisations the slow website loading issue was dramatically improved. We managed to reduce the average page load time from 11 seconds down to less than 2 seconds!