Michelle King Counselling

Michelle offers counselling for young people (11+) and adults in Reading and South Oxfordshire facing issues such as anxiety, depression, and relationship difficulties. She offers face to face counselling, as well as counselling over the telephone or Zoom.


  • Create a design that grabs interest quickly
  • Create compelling calls-to-action, ensuring visitors can easily make initial contact
  • Implement a fully responsive solution using WordPress

The Challenge

Before trying to come up with any initial design ideas we took a good look at other counselling websites to see what they looked like. Wow! What a shock it was as we did more research.

The vast majority of counselling websites looked like they'd been written with an old copy of FrontPage or Dreamweaver 20 years ago! This was definitely something we didn't want to mirror with this design, making sure we were as far away from the tropes of most of the counselling websites we looked at.

Working a lot with children and younger adults we wanted to make sure that the website was appealing and didn't come across as being old or stuffy.

How We Helped

Starting a Conversation

This was a new venture for Michelle so we started to think about not only the website but also a logo for her counselling business.

Michelle's approach to counselling is a person-centred approach: a talking therapy putting the client at the centre of the counselling relationship.

We drafted out a few ideas for a logo, finally coming up with the speech bubbles crossing over in a similar way to a Venn diagram, a diagram that shows relationships.

We followed that theme through to the language used in the calls to action and other page content.

Website Imagery

We wanted to make sure that the images used on the new website helped with the overall goal of making the website appealing and sympathetic to potential clients.

Again, we tried to ensure we didn't fall into the same traps of the majority of counselling websites we reviewed as part of our research phase of the project.

We chose images that not only worked well with the content on the page, but were also relatable to people visiting the website.

Responsive Design

Every website has to be responsive to device sizes. Not only does it make the viewing experience the best it can be for the user, it's also now a critical part of a website's SEO strategy as this this is now used as part of the Search Engine ranking measures.

Knowing that potential clients could be people in crisis we wanted to make it as easy as possible to take that first critical step and make contact. To do this we added full-width buttons above the menu giving a clear and easy path for the visitor to either find information about urgent help, or to contact Michelle about starting counselling with her.

Moving Forward

Having used WordPress before, Michelle was more than comfortable to update content on her new website and very quickly got up to speed using the Divi theme and page builder.

As you'd expect, it being a personal project for us, the website is now looked after by one of our care plans so that we could keep the website up to date and secure.

The Results

We really enjoyed working on the website for Michelle King Counselling. Coming up with a design that broke the mould on what a counselling website looks like was really interesting.

Making sure the website was appealing and sympathetic to potential clients, giving them the required information while making sure it wasn't stuffy or "old feeling" was a good challenge for us. We like to think we managed to deliver this with our final design, delivering a non-cluttered, easy to use website that speaks to potential clients.