Red Kite Flutes

Started in 2008, Red Kite Flutes hand make Native American style flutes. They tour various events around the UK and Europe selling their flutes and have an extended "family" of suppliers, distributers and artists who love the flutes that they produce.


  • Improve load times and overall performance
  • Improve site architecture and navigation for a stronger visitor experience
  • Improve overall user experience to make the site more engaging
  • Tell the history and legacy of the Red Kite Flutes family
  • Make the website more visual to help showcase their flutes
  • Highlight upcoming events and festivals where they will be showing their flutes

The Challenge

Red Kite Flutes approached us to create them a new website, replacing their current website which had been created by a family member. There wasn't a great deal of information on their website and it wasn't very visually appealing, having few pictures of their flutes to give visitors a good look at their products.

This basically meant the structure, content, and visuals had to be designed from the ground up to create the story of Red Kite Flutes and what they do.

How We Helped

Telling a story

One of the main things they wanted from their new website was to show the history of the company, from its humble beginnings to where they are now. They wanted to remember Phil and his values around the community and their extended "RKF Family".

To do this we came up with a full-page visual telling of how the company was started to present day, making it easy for anyone to see their heritage.

We also added sections detailing their production process and their values around sustainability and inclusivity building their extended family.

A visual showcase

What's a website about beautiful flutes if it doesn't show them off to let people know what they get when they buy a Native American style flute from Red Kite Flutes?

As well as adding videos to the front page showing the production processes, including images on the "Our Process" page of each of the stages the flutes go through, we added a large gallery to showcase their flutes and blocks/totems. Various header images and other photos throughout the website made it impossible for a visitor not to see their wonderful craftsmanship and amazing flutes.

Events & festivals

Red Kite Flutes travel around the country and Europe to different events and festivals to showcase their flutes, and to market them.

We implemented an events list showing future and past events, adding a visual cover event on the front page to quickly highlight where they would next be showing their flutes.

This was easy to use and required very little training before they were adding their own events to their new website.

Moving Forward

We continue to look after the Red Kite Flutes website with one of our care plans, keeping their website and its contents secure and up-to-date.

The Results

It was great working with Red Kite Flutes on their new website. They really helped the process by supplying us with excellent photos, videos, and content for the different pages and sections on their new website.

They were open to our ideas and together we created a great visual showcase for their beautiful Native American style flutes.