Woodcote Rally

The Woodcote Rally started as a one-day event in 1964, donating the sum of £150 from the proceeds to the Village Hall Management Committee. Since that humble beginning the Woodcote Rally has grown to a full weekend event, raising over £500,000 for local organisations and charities over the years.


  • Improve site architecture and navigation for a stronger visitor experience
  • Improve overall user experience to make the site more visual and engaging
  • Add additional content and functionality

The Challenge

We took on the job of modernising the Woodcote Rally website back in 2016, and since then we monitored the website's analytics to see how it was performing.

Even though online ticket sales were increasing year on year, it was apparent that people were finding it difficult to find some of the information they needed before visiting the Rally. It also showed that there were clearly gaps in the information on the website.

So, as well as giving the website a fresh new look we wanted to ensure the user requirements highlighted above were addressed, ensuring anyone who wanted to visit the Woodcote Rally had all the information they needed at hand.

How We Helped

Website Content

Having created the previous iteration of the Woodcote Rally website, we used the detailed analytics and user search information to break down how people had been using the website.

Using this information we saw clear patterns where people couldn't immediately find what they were looking for, and also for searches for information that wasn't on the website at all.

We restructured the website, creating new pages and sections to ensure the information people had been looking for was easily and readily available.

New functionality

As well as a fresh new design, we also updated the location map used on the website.

A lot of people come to the Woodcote Rally every year so they know how to get there, but one of the ongoing goals of the Committee is to increase visitor numbers to try and raise as much money as possible for all of the local causes.

We updated the map to add dynamic directions, making it easy for anyone to enter their home address to get step-by-step directions - along with a visual map - of their journey.

Moving Forward

We continue to look after the Woodcote Rally website with one of our care plans, reporting to the Rally Committee on a regular basis so that they know the website and its contents are secure and up-to-date.

We look forward to partnering with the Woodcote Rally Committee in the future, delivering any new functionality or features they need to ensure the Woodcote Rally continues to be a huge success.

The Results

We always enjoy working with the Woodcote Rally committee and having the opportunity to work on their website again was good fun.

Not only were we able to give the website a new coat of paint, updating the site to make it even more visual than it was previously, looking through the analytics and search history from the previous years to re-architect the site to give the users what they want as easily as possible was a good challenge.

The Woodcote Rally has a fresh new website ready to help promote their next event.